Information for Authors (Short Track Papers / Abstracts)

Authors wishing to give a presentation at the conference without publishing a paper in the Springer proceedings may submit an abstract, or a short paper.

Short papers may be more superficial descriptions than Full Track Papers, but should still be complete and self-contained. The guide length for Short papers is between 1 and 6 pages.

Papers should be submitted as PDF documents through the PROSE online submission and review system, selecting the 'Short Papers and Abstracts' session.

Submissions for the Short Paper Track will be subjected to a 'light touch' review.

Short Track papers will be published as open-access web publications in InImpact: The Journal of Innovation Impact in the KES Open Access Library (KOALA).

Guidance notes for the preparation of Short Papers is available .. here ..

There is no requirement to complete a copyright form, as papers are published under the KOALA copyright agreement, available for viewing .. here ..


Oral presentations will be 20 minutes in length, including 5 minutes for discussion. Oral presentations should be accompanied by powerpoint slides.

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