PROSE Online Paper Submission and Review System

Papers that have completed the review process and had the files necessary for publication uploaded can be viewed through the PROSE system, accessible here.

Select 'Pre-Proceedings Online' if you wish to view final papers to appear at the conference or 'User Account' if you wish to access your author, reviewer or session chair account.

Use the user id and password you have been supplied with, or use 'guest' for both user id and password.

Access to the PROSE System

Log in to the PROSE online review system .. here ..


Only papers that have the status 'Accepted Publication Files Received', where the correct files are present and correctly named, will be displayed in the Pre-Proceedings.

E.g for Full Track papers, if your paper id is sdm22-123, there must be a file entitled 'sdm22-123.pdf' uploaded in the publication file area for the paper to appear in the pre-proceedings.


You can find Help and FAQs on the PROSE system .. here ..